(Contains 59 photos)
WHALES & DOLPHINS ( PICO, AZORES MAY 2013 & 2014 ) portfolio The Azores is the hottest whale property on the planet at the moment. 12 trips in the RIBS delivered the greatest diversity in Whales anywhere at the moment.
(Contains 9 photos)
(Contains 10 photos)
Blue whales (PICO ISLAND, AZORES ) portfolio Weighing between 100 and 120 tonnes the Blue whale is the largest whale and is also the largest animal ever to have existed. Picture wise they either show their tail (fluke) or they do not, neither the mother or the calf did this in the azores.
(Contains 9 photos)
Fin Whale ( PICO ISLAND, AZORES ) portfolio Known to grow to more than 26 meters and weighing between 30-80 tonnes the Fin whale is second only to the Blue Whale in size.
(Contains 11 photos)
Sperm Whales ( Pico Island, Azores & Madeira) portfolio Averaging 16 meters in length and weighing up to 50 tonnes this is the largest of the toothed whales.
(Contains 5 photos)
False Killer whales (Pseudorca) PICO ISLAND, AZORES. portfolio At a length of 4.3 to 6 meters the False Killer whale weighs in at 1.1 to 2.2 tonnes
(Contains 9 photos)
Common Dolphins (Azores & Scotland) portfolio
(Contains 14 photos)
Short finned pilot whales (inc calf images) Azores & Madeira portfolio Probably only one week old this calf (in the face of stiff opposition) stole the show
(Contains 17 photos)
Atlantic Spotted Dolphins ( MADEIRA, PORTUGAL ) portfolio
(Contains 3 photos)
Risso's dolphin ( PICO ISLAND, AZORES ) portfolio The Risso's dolphin is covered in scars from the teeth of other Risso's dolphins and to a lesser extent from confrontations with squid.
(Contains 12 photos)
Bottlenose dolphins (Azores and Scotland) portfolio
(Contains 6 photos)
Basking Sharks ( ISLE OF MULL, SCOTLAND ) portfolio This portfolio is being added to after a week of photography. Basking Shark, Cetorhinus maximus. Taken during w/c 30th July 2012. At up to 10 meters and 5 tonnes this is second only to the massive Whale Shark in size. The Basking Shark only eats plankton and is thought to be capable of filtering over 1,800 tonnes of water per hour. The life expectancy is over 50 years.
(Contains 3 photos)
Minke Whales ( ISLE OF MULL, SCOTLAND ) portfolio
(Contains 0 photos)
WHALEFEST 2014 (Portfolio's from the event in Brighton) portfolio Originally a job to do PR work for a great cause Whalefest turned out to be an event where I witnessed volunteers gather to create something really special. Passionate, devoted and caring people gave up days and sometimes months of their life to try and make the world a better place. The Volunteers (Heroes) of Whalefest are doing what the politicians will never do and that is to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation to help respect and preserve the worlds vunerable Whales and Dolphins. God love them this folder is devoted to the "WHALEFEST HEROES". FREE MORGAN.
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