Back covering events (Whalefest 2014) thought I had given up standing for 3 days, although this time it was actually fun.

Hardcore photography at -30deg C in Northern Finland

Photographing Dolphins 8 nautical miles south of the Island of Madeira aboard the "Ventura do mar"

Mull again !!

Ever since recieving an Olympus OM-1 for his 21st Birthday Mike has held a passion for photography. Mike lectures on the wildlife of the west coast of Scotland and runs private guided tours to the Isle of Mull.

Clearly mixed up, Mike dressed for a wedding with the wrong camera !

Mike contributes to Photgraphic magazines and has appeared in the professional photographers magazine "Professional Image Maker". Virtually all of Mike's images are captured on the west coast of Scotland(mainly on the Isle of Mull)and any other images are just practice for when he travels back to his spriritual home.

Mike is also a member of the "Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers"

The picture above shows Mike wearing the right camo for a wedding with perhaps the wrong choice of clothing for the lens

The Image below shows the eternal optimism of a Wildlife photographer, an 8 hour wait and still believing the owl will fly past the lens.